Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

too late @ not too late..........

in life, its not how long u live but its how well u father had stroke 3 times...but we have no clue.......wat did he felt when the 1st stroke strike? wen did it actuly happend? y d doctors didnt realizd it? as a daughter, i questioned myself, y i didnt concern more bout my parents health? y? too late @ not too late? obviously, i was late....but not too late 2 look after my parents......specially my dad....'he' (strok) took our famly father's day 2 tell us dat 'he' oredy attackd my father.....mayb 'he' wan 2 show us dat we shud b xtra care 2 my dad......n we r.......

Monday, May 10, 2010

love and time..............

 Inspirational love stories - Love and Time

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all constructed boats and left. Except for Love.

Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.

When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said,
"Richness, can you take me with you?"
Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you."

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel. "Vanity, please help me!"
"I can't help you, Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat," Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by so Love asked, "Sadness, let me go with you."
"Oh . . . Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!"

Happiness passed by Love, too, but she was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her.

Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come, Love, I will take you." It was an elder. So blessed and overjoyed, Love even forgot to ask the elder where they were going. When they arrived at dry land, the elder went her own way. Realizing how much was owed the elder,

Love asked Knowledge, another elder, "Who Helped me?"
"It was Time," Knowledge answered.
"Time?" asked Love. "But why did Time help me?"
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, "Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is."

mom's day...........

hepi mom's day 2 my sis n my beloved d cheese tikam2..........10 dpt 1..........9 dpt mau yg spesel tp nda dpt ni......ndu enjoy ni..........well.....well....dats how we celebrate our own spesel mom's day..............hehehe........lookin 4ward 2 nex yr...........